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Pat Ryan is a Democrat running to represent New York's 19th Congressional District. As a West Point-trained Army officer and technology entrepreneur, his career has been driven by service to our nation throughout his life. Pat’s commitment to finding creative solutions sparked technological advancements in the fight against terrorism and fueled job creation.


Born and raised in Kingston, New York, Pat’s family roots in Ulster County reach back generations. Pat grew up listening to stories of his great grandfather who helped build some of the first roads through the Catskills. Pat’s father still runs the small business he started 40 years ago, and Pat’s mother has taught in Kingston’s public schools for nearly 30 years. A graduate of Kingston High School, Pat grew up running the Rail Trail, served as the captain of his track team and attended St. Joseph’s Church.

Pat with his wife, Rebecca. 

Pat with his wife, Rebecca. 

After graduating with honors from West Point, Pat served two combat tours in Iraq, including a tour as the lead intelligence officer for an infantry battalion of 1,000 soldiers and officers responsible for ground operations in Mosul. After leaving the military with the rank of Captain, he continued his service to the nation in the technology sector by tackling a problem he experienced on the battlefield.

While in a war zone in Iraq, Pat experienced how outdated technology was limiting and endangering our troops. In response, Pat launched a technology firm that worked to save lives by equipping troops with better tools to understand the combat landscape and track battlefield events in real time. In just a few years, Pat grew the small business from 5 to 150 employees, over half of whom were veterans. During this time, Pat also earned his Master’s in Security Studies from Georgetown University and met his wife, Rebecca, who also grew up in the Hudson Valley. 

As cyber security threats grew more common, Pat answered the call once again, launching a new small business to help our government fend off attacks. Currently, Pat leads the public sector team for a leading technology company that helps business, media and government track and respond to terrorist attacks, natural disasters and other critical events in real time.

At a time when government is paralyzed by political gridlock, Pat is running for Congress to restore a sense of service to Washington. He will draw upon his job creation experience to spur economic development and deliver real results for hardworking families in the community and across the nation.